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Ms. Lin - L.A. California

I contacted Art of Naming, and they picked
a perfect name for me. Ever since I started
to use my new name, I can see the
dramatic improvement in my marriage.


Mr. & Mrs. Cheng S.F. California

We wanted a new name for our daughter,
Art of Naming gave her a wonderful name,
we have noticed our daughter has much
better temperament right now.


Mr. & Mrs. Zhang - New York, NY

We asked them to name our son, his
school work has improved dramatically
and I see more of his smiles at home too.


Ms. Cheng Santa Clara - California

I came to them wanting to change a name
because I have been unlucky in love. Since
using my new name 2 years ago, I have met
and married a wonderful guy.


Mr. Yep - S.F.California

I used two naming experts in Asia for my
son’s name, but I wasn’t sure so I came to
Art of Naming and they helped me to pick
the right one.

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